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"I have used the Animal Relief Formula (ARF) extensively as I work with dogs in training and shelter/rescue dogs.

Thor, was a two-year old, male Pitt Bull that had been at the shelter for a very long time and had been adopted out and returned several times.  Upon his last return, he had more issues and was aggressive through the kennel door with the male Animal Control Officers, particularly two of them. Unfortunately for Thor, one of them was in charge of the Shelter and had made a decision that Thor should be euthanized because he was "aggressive."  He called me in to assess Thor, I think hoping I would support his decision.

I used ARF on myself and on Thor, took him out for some obedience work, returned him to his kennel and asked the Officer to come back to the kennels so I could see how Thor reacted to him. I did ask the officer not to make direct eye contact or reach toward Thor. When we went back to the kennels, I stood back so Thor only saw the officer, and Thor just wagged his tail. I then asked the officer to walk back and forth in front of the kennel and Thor appeared happy to see him. The officer was then able to talk with Thor and look at him without eliciting a negative response from Thor. The officer was totally amazed and told Thor things might be looking better for him. I later went through the same process with the other officer, with the same reaction from Thor. I did mist ARF on the second officer before we went back to the kennel.

Thor was given a reprieve from the needle and was subsequently adopted out and continues to do well.

I also have been using ARF (and Fear-Less) on dogs and cats when I work helping with spay/neuter surgeries on Animal Save’s Mobile Clinic.  I use it with quite amazing results when they first arrive and are stressed and barking or whining about being in a cage. Even those people who don't know about flower essences see a change in their animals’ stress levels. Use of the essences when they are coming out of anesthesia also seems to gentle that process.

I find that using ARF on myself prior to meeting a new dog that I plan to work with is very effective in making our first introduction go smoothly. The dogs seem to have a better sense of my good intention and are relaxed. Recently when I was running late to meet a new client and did not take the time to prepare myself spiritually and failed to use the ARF, I was bitten. I walked up to the person and the dog; the dog lunged and bit me. Hopefully I have learned that lesson."

— Carolyn N. / Animal Save, Nevada City, CA 

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Animal Relief Formula™

Calming & comforting for animals in transition, discomfort or trauma

25% discount off regular retail price of $14.80

Animal Relief Formula™ is the perfect choice for your animal friends, or your friends with animals.

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Many people first discover the benefits of flower essences when using them with their animal companions. Animals typically respond quickly and dramatically to the nuturing energies of the essences.

The Animal Relief Formula™ was first developed by animal practitioner Teresa Wagner for use in animal rescue shelters, and is calming and comforting for animals in transition, trauma or rehabilitation. More information regarding the formula can be found here.