The Stories Of The Flowers Inscribed On The Pages Of The Human Heart - 2016: A Reflection

Jan 03, 2017

When we reflect on the year that has passed, we realize that what inspires and informs our work is not so much the “news” described by external media. Rather it is the countless tender moments that stream into us from so many parts of our precious planet – the stories of the flowers inscribed on the pages of the human heart. It is the amazing chronicle of how the human soul is renewed and illumined by allowing the Voice of the Flowers to speak.

It is one of the many touching reports from Luz Carmona of Barcelona, Spain, who served with such dedication and selfless devotion this year in the Essence of Light Project for Syrian refugees coming to Greece.

For example, Luz tells the story of Onio, who has spent his life as a fireman, witnessing many grim tragedies. Yet nothing prepared him for his overwhelming sense of despair, shock and grief in helping the desperate Syrian refugees coming off boats onto the shores of Greece. The flower essences gave so much strength and courage to Onio’s body and mind, ultimately transforming his entire perspective of the Earth and Nature. Onio glimpsed for the first time the nurturing capacity of the Earth as a Living Being, expressing “Luz, what I am going to tell you, it may seem a little crazy but listen to it…In this crisis, there are people helping people, and those persons who are helping are supported by the Earth. How these flowers come from the Earth to help us..... THE SYMBIOSIS CREATED IS JUST AMAZING!”.

It is the report from Cathryn Smith, a herbalist in Longwood, Florida, who provided post-trauma support for the ER and floor nurses that treated the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. Cathryn knew that the hearts of these care-givers were heavy and broken. Using California Wild Rose, she explained, “The rose nourishes the heart. California Wild Rose helps us stay with that dedication and service to others despite the pain. That’s what we came here for.”

It is a woman named Kate, devastated by world events and American politics, who reported, “ As my fury and anxiety heightened ...Scotch Broom was telling me how to continue to make a contribution in my own life and the world at large...Now, it doesn't feel like I'm fighting against anything; it feels like I am continuing to build toward everything I am committed to - a world that works for everyone.”

It is a report from Megan Raddant, a flower essence therapist in West Virginia, who helped Bob, a local plumber in his 40’s going through a painful transition after a divorce. Megan felt astonishment in seeing how Bob, oriented to the practicalities of life, would so completely embrace the healing message of the flowers, allowing a new source of poetry and prayer to flow forth from him. For instance, Bob wrote:

Gentle flower please share with me
the spirit of your petals open to eternity
and all I will ask of heaven is to allow please
that I be in complete acceptance of our Love
and that I allow it freedom to move within me.

We close our New Year’s letter with excerpt from another poem that Bob wrote during his healing journey with the flowers:

Every part played is essential to the whole.
Your passion is here to fuel your trip.
Find those most vibrant emotions that live...
Love your place in our world
Love you so that others may Love you too.

Love yourself enough so that you can completely
get out of your own experience long enough
to fully appreciate another.
What if your whole life's purpose was to smile at a stranger who 
passed in front of your car today?

We pray that you may continue to find your Passion and Purpose for flower healing in the coming year of 2017.

We want to express our profound gratitude to each of you in the FES Planetary Network of Flower Healing who are building the new therapy of flowers.
May you continue to hear and be inspired by the Voice of the Flowers that speaks from the hearts of each of your clients, friends and family.

With joy, all of us here at FES renew our vow to serve you with devotion and dedication.

Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz and all the FES Team




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