FES Range of Light Essences

48 flower essences from the Sierra Nevada region

Range of Light Flower Essences

The Range of Light kit consists of 48 extraordinary flower essences. They are prepared throughout the bio-region of the Sierra Nevada Range of Light, including its magnificent alpine mountain peaks and all that flows from these heights to create lava and granite outcroppings, verdant woodlands and oak savannahs, fertile river valleys, stunning coastal regions and pristine deserts. Also included as a site for some essences is Terra Flora, the FES garden in the Sierra foothills dedicated to the synthesis of human and elemental co-working.

Since its founding 3 decades ago, FES has tithed to many environmental and social organizations that sustain our planet. We are pleased to announce an additional pledge program: 5% of all sales of the Range of Light kits will be sent to The Sierra Fund, to support their outstanding work of protecting the Sierra Nevada Range of Light.

Available individually in 1/4 oz. and 1 oz. stock bottles, and in practitioner kits. 

Indications for the Range of Light are found in the booklet below, along with the Healingherbs Bach essences, FES Quintessentials essences and FES Flourish formulas.




I just started using the Range of Light essences. I am excited to say that my lifelong feeling of "energetic shackles" that kept me isolated and stagnant, have also dissipated. What a relief. Its like being reborn! Or, FINALLY being born!

I have used many/countless healing modalities (EFT, EMDR, Homeopathy, NLP, etc.) and though they served their purpose at the time, my greatest strides in healing came about when I used your essences.

Love your company! Love your customer service! Love your products!

T.S., Langhorne, PA

Thanks again for your generous gift of 5% of the income from the "Range of Light" line of flower essences. I am hoping your gift and strategy will inspire other Sierra businesses to support our work.

Elizabeth Martin, CEO, The Sierra Fund