Quiescent flowers for restful repose and rejuvenation

Primary Indications:

  • Promotes deep relaxation in order to facilitate falling asleep and staying asleep
  • Encourages more restful, undisturbed sleep so that one awakes feeling refreshed
  • Helps the soul more fully release from the body while sleeping, in order to experience dreams and related spiritual information
  • Can be used topically to help calm specific energy centers (according to each individual’s need) that are too awake in the evening. Typical applications include: the third eye, left and right temples of the forehead, the heart center and the solar plexus (stomach region)
  • Facilitates recognition and release of chronic mental and emotional patterns that hinder rest and sleep, including specific sources of stress, anxiety, emotional upset or worry about the future
  • A beneficial travel remedy when the body needs to set a new internal clock for sleep. Take at least two doses one or two hours before sleep and one further dose just prior to sleep
  • A beneficial night-time formula for children who are prone to nightmares, fitful sleep or other sleep disturbances
  • A good remedy for animals who have disturbed or agitated sleep, or who need to develop more consistent sleep patterns in harmony with their households

The Flora-Sleep formula features:

  • California Valerian – heals and calms the nervous system; promotes deep relaxation by guiding the soul to live in present time rather than feel anxious about future events
  • Chamomile – release of emotional tension and agitation, particularly from the solar plexus and stomach; stabilizes the digestive system at night for metabolic regeneration
  • White Chestnut – release from deeply internalized states of worry, such as repetitive thoughts, incessant mental agitation, or hyper-processing of past emotional experiences
  • Red Chestnut – release from obsessive worry or emotional upset directed toward others; over-anxious concern or mental pre-occupation for situations that involve the free will and choices of others
  • Olive – promotes immune health and deep restoration following prolonged stress or exhaustion from challenging life episodes
  • Aloe Vera – helps the body – especially the heart center - to replenish during sleep; helps soothe over-stimulation due to intense responsibilities at work or home; helps hydrate and soothe overly inflamed states of body-soul consciousness
  • Alpine Aster – assists the soul to fully release from the body during sleep, so that higher states of spiritual consciousness and dreaming can provide inspiration and insight
  • St. John’s Wort – provides spiritual protection and nourishment while sleeping; regulates nighttime and daytime forces of light/darkness and waking/ sleeping to work in harmony and wholeness
  • Essential oils: The essential oil of blue Chamomile helps calm the digestive system and soothe the emotions, while Sandalwood essential oil provides deeply relaxing, grounding and analgesic qualities.

Directions for using Flora-Sleep:

Formulated for Direct Use — The FES Flourish Formulas™ are conveniently packaged with spray tops, ready for direct application. For emergency or intense episodes, take more frequently until the condition has stabilized.

When to Use — Flora-Sleep™ is designed to facilitate a relaxation response in the body. It is best to use this formula about one hour before bedtime or rest, and then once more just before retiring. It can also be kept on the nightstand, and used if one awakens during the night, to help gently guide the body and soul back to sleep.
Topical Application — The FES Flourish Formulas™ spray tops allow topical applications to be effortless and sanitary. Flora-Sleep™ can be applied topically to energy centers that may be over-stimulated, according to the specific needs of each individual. Key centers that typically need calming before sleep are the point between the eyes (third-eye), the temples on each side of the forehead,  the heart center located on the sternum directly in the center of the chest, and the solar plexus/digestive center around the naval and two inches below the naval. Apply one spay on each topical area to be treated. Follow with gentle pressure from the palm of the hand over the treated area for about 60 seconds, while breathing deeply and allowing release.
Baths — Flora-Sleep™ is also very effective in a warm bath. Apply 4-6 sprays to freshly drawn warm water. Stir the water clockwise and counter-clockwise in a figure eight spiral motion for at least one minute. Immerse in the warm bath for 15-20 minutes and then go immediately to bed.

Topical Application with Cream — The FES Flourish Formulas™ are compatible with Self-Heal Creme™, or you can use any other carrier cream that is suitable. Apply one or two sprays per ounce of cream and then stir in each direction. Apply the cream to topical areas of the body that need soothing and calming before sleep.

General Misting — The FES Flourish Formulas™ can also be very effective when lightly misted around the whole body, the head and surrounding body space. Be sure to close eyes and remove glasses before doing so. This method is a special favorite for many children.