Practitioner & Home Care Kits






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Flower Essence Services offers kits of essences for practitioner and home care formulations. These include:

103 FES Quintessentials flower essences from North America in the 1/4 oz (7.25 ml) and 1 oz (30 ml) sizes. They are packaged in five sturdy boxes for convenient storage.

Range of Light kit (1/4 oz & 1 oz sizes) contains the following essences:
Almond, Alpine Aster, Blazing Star, California Peony, California Valerian, Cassiope, Cherry, Chocolate Lily, Columbine, Corn Lily, Desert Lily, Downy Avens, Dune Primrose, Explorer’s Gentian, Fiesta Flower, Fireweed, Glassy Hyacinth, Green Bells of Ireland, Green Cross Gentian, Green Nicotiana, Green Rein Orchid, Green Rose, Hawthorn, Hyssop, Joshua Tree, Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla), Lemon, Lewisia, Lilac, Lungwort, Lupine, Madrone, Monkshood, Mountain Forget-Me-Not, Ocotillo, Pedicularis, Pussy Paws, Red Larkspur, Red Penstemon, Redbud, Redwood, Rue, Scarlet Fritillary, Shasta Lily, Sierra Primrose, Splendid Mariposa Lily, Spreading Phlox, Tall Mt. Larkspur

Since its founding 3 decades ago, FES has tithed to many environmental and social organizations that sustain our planet. We are pleased to announce an additional pledge program: 5% of all sales of the Range of Light kits will be sent to the Sierra Fund, to support their outstanding work of protecting the Sierra Nevada Range of Light.

Healingherbs kit: the 38 flower remedies discovered by Edward Bach, plus two bottles of Five-Flower Formula, his famous emergency combination. The mother essences are prepared in England by Julian Barnard according to Dr. Bach's original methods. 40 1/4 oz (7.25 ml) and 1 oz (30 ml) bottles in two sturdy boxes for convenient storage.

Cor Kit:
Twelve Flower Essences to Nurture and En-Lighten the Heart Many practitioners inquire about the most important flower essences for introductory or fundamental use. We recommend those flower essences that go right to the “core” to the of healing, to the human heart. (“Cor” is Latin for “heart.”) During our research spanning nearly four decades, we have especially paid attention to those flower essences which are at the core of soul healing, helping the human heart to have greater resiliency, expressive capacity, emotional depth and physical well-being. We are now offering 12 of the most fundamental heart-health flower essences in one handsome boxed set, with its own 32-page color brochure featuring an in-depth discussion of each remedy, accompanied by a full-page photo of each flower. The Cor Kit features: Bleeding Heart, Borage, California Wild Rose, Downy Avens, Forget-Me-Not, Green Rose, Hawthorn, Holly, Lotus, Love-Lies-Bleeding, Rock Fringe and Yerba Santa. 1/4 oz (7.25 ml) and 1 oz (30 ml) sizes

Flourish formulas kit, 1 oz (30 ml):
Grief Relief
Grounding Green
Kinder Garden
Magenta Self-Healer
Post Trauma Stabilizer
Sacred Heart